Malicious: Rough And Rock & Roll Look

Product Information

  Inspired by the ancient "Chair of Nails Torture", which was studded with spikes and used by inquisitors, "Malicious" was designed to create a feeling of disturbance, hesitation and fear in users. The purpose was to see the reactions and behavior of the users towards disturbing objects.

 There are 41 cnc cut aluminium round-edged studs and 41 strings to allow the movement of the studs into the seat. Each stud works individually allowing the user to sit comfortably, a very pleasantly surprising sensation. To complete the rough and rock & roll look of the "Malicious", black matte finish is used on wood, the metal studs are painted gold and black leather is used for the upholstery.



W 33cm  D33cm  H78cm  

W 13"  D13"  H31"


Black matte lacquer finish on wood, gold painted aluminium, brass and black leather upholstery.