The Transformer is a combination of a knitting machine, a table and a lamp. While unraveling the knit on the lamp, it recreates itself in the machine  allowing us to observe the analog transformation. At the same time, the user hears the voices of the machine and observe the shadows created by the lamp while rotating.The user can interact with transformer and personalize it by changing the color and type of the knit and can decide on the length of the knit.

Hypothesis: Objects that are open to interpretation and have the potential of developing in different ways acquire memories and emotional attachment over time. How can design promote this bond between objects and their users and thus prolong their relationship allowing them to grow old together?


This project is motivated by a desire to create solutions to the negative effects of obsolescence, excessive consumerism, technology and lack of emotional attachment between users and their products. "Grow Old Series" consists of objects that have the ability to transform and recreate themselves, representing cycles.